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Windrush Island CafeWelcome!

Windrush Cuisine, will introduce you to the wonderful food of the Caribbean, of its diverse flavours and cultural influences,  from indian to chinese, spanish, portugese, dutch and french, your horizions will be open to more than just jerk chicken but to the flavoursome columbos, bajan souse, the hot sweet and sour contradictions, and the wonderful array of fresh ingredients.  At Windrush we are proud to say that we source and use mainly fresh ingredients for our caribbean, we make nearly everything from scratch and we feel this is tasted in our products.




    • Cafe Evening Starters

    • Corn Fritters


      All of the Caribbean has a version of this, this is from Haiti, sweetcorn with herbs and spices fried gently, so tasty you will eat them quickly!

    • Cafe Evening Main Courses

    • Curry Goat

    • Desserts

    • Banana Cake & Ice Cream


      Sweet Banana Cake & Home Made Ice Cream,  baked and served fresh.

    • Mango and Coconut Cake


      Island Cafes signature dessert, our Mango and Coconut is not only good its also gluten free.

      Its a firm favourite with our customers so come and try this lovely cake with mango puree and vanilla ice cream.

    • Windies Bread and Butter Pudding

      This yummy bread and butter pudding ,contains rum soaked fruit with layers of bread, coconu

    • Cold Drinks

    • Jamaican Home made lemonade

      Nothing can beat homemade fresh lemonade, made with the fresh lemons and lime,  in fact my families traditional recipe has no lemons!!! only limes.  The fresh lemonade is served over crushed ice, totally refreshing and a warm summers day.


    • Juices


      Think of all the lovely refreshing fruit of the caribbean islands and Mango would have to be a favourite.  Mango juice served with ice, Guava Juice on the rocks, Pineapple and coconut, totally delightful , Papaya and what ever else we can lay our hands on!!!

    • Sodas


      Why not try  a caribbean Soda,  the famous ginger beer, grape soda, pineapple soda, Ting as well as the run of the mill coke, 7up and other fizz.

    • Hot Drinks

    • Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee


      This rare and excuisite coffee, is subtle in flavour and very smooth.  Drink just how it is with raw cane sugar.

    • Soon Come Hot Chocolate


      Try this hot chocolate once and you will want to come back for more.  Made with 100% cocoa and coconut, this smooth hot chocolate is rich and delicious.

      Soon come as its takes a while to prepare but is worth the wait.

      Come get your soon come hot chocolate soon.

    • Caribbean Tea


      Caribbean herbal teas, are full of flavour and made with only the best of ingredients.  Try our range of teas including gineger and lemon, ginger, peppermint, sorrel and ginger, fevergrass, cerraisse, and much more,  Not only do they taset good but many are good for your health too.

    • Cuban Coffee


      Great flavour and taste.  Try our cuban coffee, a perfect accompaniment to a caribbean meal.


Soooooo good. Soul food man. Wendy, you were a lovely host and very accommodating as we didn't have a booking. It was great meeting you and hope to see you again soon.