Jerk Chicken

Welcome to Windrush Cuisine™!

Windrush Cuisine™ has been offering Unique Caribbean Outside Catering, fun and relaxed cookery classes, teambuilding and fresh caribbean products since 2004 and was set up by Chef Wendy  (thats me on the right).

I spend my childhood immersed in the wonderful smells and ingredients of the caribbean as these were cooked up for family and friends; for celebrations and commiserations. Dishes cooked just in case you had visitors, special stews and soups cooked only by the men in the family and saturday soups to die for.


My mouth is watering already.  I was inspired, Inspired by my family, friends  neighbours and by those Windrush Pioneers to Britain  who despite new ingredients and climates were determined to carry on the traditions and recipes of home.  Some dishes required  sheer ingenuity these have been passed on to my generation and beyond.


Windrush Cookery StudentsWindrush Cuisine, will introduce you to the wonderful food of the Caribbean, of its diverse flavours and cultural influences,  from indian to chinese, spanish, portugese, dutch and french, your horizions will be open to more than just jerk chicken but to the flavoursome columbos, bajan souse, the hot sweet and sour contradictions, and the wonderful arrany of fresh ingredients.  At Windrush we are proud to say that we source and use mainly fresh ingredients, we make nearly everything from scratch and we feel this is tasted in our products.

So whether you see us at a market, house party, wedding or in our cafe, you can be guaranteed its all made with love and the best of ingredients.

Please use the menu above to see our menu, check out the cookery school, our hand made sauces, jars and spices, catering menus and much more.